Not my house.

I used to have a lot less stuff. For the better part of a decade, I traveled the world and lived out of just one carry-on size bag . It held everything I owned. I was super excited about lightweight gear, a capsule wardrobe, and discovering new ways to enjoy a fully-nomadic lifestyle with no home base.

It was pure freedom, but it became constraining. By carrying so little, I wasn’t giving myself the room to grow my life beyond airport gates and fleeting, short-term stays. So when my now-husband and I decided to put down roots, I wanted to keep that minimalist mindset, but invest in something far more enduring: making a home, and raising a family.

This site has grown out of the roots we put down. I started Lightly Lived to share the tools, tips, and insights you need to streamline your daily routines and create more space for what truly matters. This site is dedicated to helping modern moms like you embrace minimalist living, make healthy choices, and simplify the art of managing a home.

I hope you enjoy what I’ve written here, and that you find it helpful in your own journey. I’d love to hear your stories, too! You can email me , if you like.

I build this site with Hugo , using the theme I made. You can deploy a site like this yourself in a few minutes.